What To Do About Bad Greeting Manners

Good Dogs! (08-10-2022) #6111: Does your dog run full tilt at other dogs like a heat seeking missile? This is not what a balanced, well-socialized dog does. In fact, it can lead to a dog fight because it is perceived as an attack by the recipient. Carol Borden explains that dogs who greet others with […]

The Human-Animal Bond Goes Wild: Cuddling a 6 ft Tall Kangaroo

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (07-31-2022) #790: Featuring Don Argott, Carol Borden, and Kim Brophey. Don Argott, the co-director of “The Bond” on Discovery+ TV talks about the glorious stories of a woman in New Zealand bonded with a kangaroo, a woman who goes to Turks and Caicos to swim with the dolphin who has […]

Should Your Dog Have More Free Will?

Good Dogs! (07-27-2022) #6110: A little philosophical conversation between Tracie and Carol about whether we should allow dogs more freedom to make choices about what they want to do with or without us — or must we always be in charge of decisions? Do our dogs lack free will in their daily lives? Is it […]

Clicker Training—Good for Dolphins, Not So Much for Dogs

Good Dogs! (07-06-2022) #6109: Carol Borden talks about how clicker training was developed for performing dolphins and then transferred to dog training. She discusses why it is not a good tool for human-dog communication because it is dependent on very subtle timing. Tracie talks about how using a clicker is something she could personally never […]

Let Human Toddlers Learn Human Language by Pushing Buttons

Good Dogs! (06-22-2022) #6108: Carol Borden and Tracie discuss the misconception that a dog be taught to press buttons through classical conditioning, by stepping on large plastic buttons that emit sounds and this will supposedly express the dog’s feelings or wishes — through words which are not actually even dog-centric. Tens of thousands of dog […]

Guardian Angels Dogs Prevent Veteran Suicides

Good Dogs! (06-01-2022) #6107: Carol Borden, the Founder and Director of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, talks about their pride in winning the Vetty Award for the second year in a row — an award sought out by organizations of all kinds that are dedicated to preventing suicide in veterans. Carol talks about their gratitude […]

Subaru’s Love Promise to the Rescues of New York

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (05-18-2022) #779: Featuring Liz Edelen, Alex Kava, and Carol Borden. Liz Edelen, the Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Manager, talks about how Subaru gives back to pet rescues at auto shows across the country, as they did recently in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center; Alex Kava is back with […]

When Are Service Dogs Not What They Seem?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (04-03-2022) #773: Featuing Justin Goodman, Meredith May, and Carol Borden. Justin Goodman, the VP of the White Coat Waste Project, sheds light on how half a billion dollars in US tax dollars have been paid to Russian laboratories to conduct cruel experiments on cats that would not be permitted in […]

Puppy Series #8: The Three Big No-No’s in Car Rides

Good Dogs! (03-02-2022) #6103: Carol Borden and Tracie talk about how to have your puppy be a good, safe, happy passenger in the car. Without getting car sick!    

Are You Driving Safely with Your dog? Probably Not!

Good Dogs! (01-05-2022) #6099: Tracie and Carol talk about all the ways people disregard common sense and safety when traveling with their dog in the car — with recommendations of what to do differently from now on. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL