Dog Walker Mauled to Death by Pack of Dogs in England

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (02-13-2023) #817A: Tracie discusses how such a shocking tragedy could have happened with Carol Borden, Director of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs (and Tracie’s co-host on her training podcast GOOD DOGS!) MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

Notice the “Question Mark” Above Your Dog’s Head

Good Dogs! (01-18-2022) #6121: Tracie and Carol Borden talk about what causes a dog to fall short of our hopes and expectations, which can lead to a service dog “washing out” of her training program. But Carol believes many reactive issues with dogs can be nipped in the bud if noticed early enough. You can […]

Don’t Give Puppies as a Christmas Gift!

Good Dogs! (11-30-2022) #6118: Probably the worst time to bring a puppy into a household is during the winter holidays. There is way too much social activity at this time of year to offer a puppy a nice predictable routine and pay the close attention to a puppy that she needs in the early weeks. […]

Children Are Little Aliens!

Good Dogs! (11-16-2022) #6117: Carol Borden and Tracie agree that children are entirely different beings than adults from a dog’s point of view — kids look different, smell different, move differently, sound different — and basically can be threatening or distressing for a dog without the child or their parents being aware of this effect. […]

Practice Counting Your Dog’s Toes

Good Dogs! (11-02-2022) #6116: Tracie wonders why many dogs are so scared in the veterinarian’s office, while her own dogs love it there. Carol talks about acclimating your dog to the vet clinic by first getting the dog used to being handled — by you and then family members and friends — by opening his […]

Medical Service Dogs Get Their Very Own Veterinary Clinic

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (10-17-2022) #801B: Carol Borden — Founder and Director of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs (and Tracie’s co-host on her training show GOOD DOGS!) proudly describes the new non-profit teaching medical facility for their service dogs and the community that bears her name and sets a high bar for a standard […]

Is Your Dog a Scaredy Cat?

Good Dogs! (10-12-2022) #6115: Carol Borden discusses how to handle a dog who is fearful and mitigate his discomfort with whatever frightens him, like noises, new places or people, sensations, other animals, cars, stairs, etc. She recommends breaking down into small pieces whatever causes your dog to be fearful — taking baby steps and patiently […]

Grand Opening! The Borden Veterinary Hospital at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs!

Good Dogs! (09-07-2022) #6113: Carol talks about her life-long dream of having their own vet hospital to take care of all their service dogs, which are bred, raised and trained on their campus in Williston Florida. The dream has come true — the on-site non-profit hospital will provide for all medical needs of the dogs […]

What To Do About Bad Greeting Manners

Good Dogs! (08-10-2022) #6111: Does your dog run full tilt at other dogs like a heat seeking missile? This is not what a balanced, well-socialized dog does. In fact, it can lead to a dog fight because it is perceived as an attack by the recipient. Carol Borden explains that dogs who greet others with […]

The Human-Animal Bond Goes Wild: Cuddling a 6 ft Tall Kangaroo

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (07-31-2022) #790: Featuring Don Argott, Carol Borden, and Kim Brophey. Don Argott, the co-director of “The Bond” on Discovery+ TV talks about the glorious stories of a woman in New Zealand bonded with a kangaroo, a woman who goes to Turks and Caicos to swim with the dolphin who has […]