Cats Are Not Little Dogs

It’s important when making decisions about how to feed your kitty to realize that there is not much physiologically that cats and dogs have in common — except maybe a very keen sense of smell! One of the main ways in which cats are different than dogs is in their digestive systems. Cats are obligate […]

She Switched Her Kitty to Wet Food

Leah is a first-time cat Mom who has been listening to CAT CRAZY and all the shows on the Radio Pet Lady Network every week from the very fir st show!  She listens to the podcasts as it suits her schedule better, but one of the first things she did with her new kitty Callie […]

Sampling of Tips from Amy Shojai of Cat Crazy

PETS & POISON! National Poison Prevention Week runs March 17-23, and is a wonderful time to learn how to protect pets from household dangers. Most cases of pet poisoning are accidental, and preventing accidents and knowing first aid saves pet lives. Dogs are particularly prone to poisoning because like human infants, they put everything in […]