Cats Go Nutty for Bugs

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-28-2022) #0111: Dr. Mikel Delgado and Tracie talk about the many ways insect proteins are finding their way into foods for cats, including Nuna treats and Love Bug from the UK. Tracie discusses how insects are a natural component of a free-ranging cat’s diet and therefore […]

Dry Food that is Cat Healthy

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (05-05-2021) #0040: Dr. Elsey talks about the problem with many cat foods is that they do not respect the 60% protein in a cat’s natural diet of rodents or birds. He explains why carbohydrates are so bad for cats and how he created a kibble for […]

Pet Food Advisors #7020 (12/17/2013)

Pet Food Advisors (12/17/2013) #7020: Everything you ever wanted to ask about Vitamins: how important is the origin of a vitamin to bio availability and how the body can use it? What’s up with Vitamin K in cat food? What harm can some vitamins cause? MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL