Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat?

Is a Quiet Cat a Happy Cat? Myth #1 about cats: A still, quiet cat is a content cat. We’ve all gotten used to the image of cats adopting a sphinx-like pose, all tucked up, staring off into space in a mysterious, meditative way. We’ve come to believe (or want to think) this means they […]

Delicious Recipes for You and Your Dog

Pet Food Advisors (10-02-2017) #7046: Brandon Schulz COOKING FOR TWO: YOUR DOG AND YOU: DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAVORITE CANINE. Brandon’s dog Chase was a street mutt in Capri, Italy and made his way back to Brooklyn with Brandon more than 10 years ago. The recipes in the book are simple, all-American and […]

Picking a Puppy: Part 3 – Puppy Personality Testing

Did you miss the previous PICKING A PUPPY installments? Picking a Puppy, Part 1: Timing & Picking a Puppy, Part 2: Meet the Parents, Boy or Girl PUPPY PERSONALITY TESTING The idea of giving a puppy a few simple tests has gained popularity in the dog world. The best known series of tests is called […]