Gift Bags for the Dog & Cat Festival Filmmakers 

Gift Bags for the Dog & Cat Festival Filmmakers  What’s in the Cat Bag? I had the pleasure of introducing some wonderful filmmakers to the packed audience at the Village East theater for the 5th Annual NY Cat Film Festival at the Premiere on October 23rd. I wanted to make sure they got wonderful gift […]

Sherlock Holmes Detection Canines Keep Drug and Guns Out of Schools

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (08-22-2022) #793B: Kathleen Donnelly — the author of “Chasing Justice” [discussed on an earlier DOG TALK episode] returns to discuss how she knew so much about tracking dogs in her novel. It’s because she co-owns Sherlock Holmes Detection Canines in Colorado where they train and deploy friendly Labradors, who sniff […]

Debut K-9 Thriller Novel from “Sherlock Hounds” Drug Detection Dog Handler

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (07-24-2022) #789: Featuring Kathleen Donnelly, Susan Joseph, and Garrett Clancy. First-time novelist Kathleen Donnelly talks about her debut canine thriller “Chasing Justice” and her own professional work with three drug detection dogs; Susan Joseph, Executive director of the newly named 5-star Hotel for Homeless Dogs (formerly known as the New […]