Puppy Series #6: When You Gotta Chew, You Gotta Chew!

Good Dogs! (02-02-2022) #6101: Julie Forbes talks about managing a puppy’s chewing in the episode from her video puppy training series “Puppyhood with Julie Forbes.” She and Tracie discuss how to teach a dog what to put his mouth on, and why you need to offer a smorgasbord of healthy, edible long-lasting chews everywhere in […]

The Four Things Your Cat Needs

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-13-2020) #0006: Dr. Meghan Herron discusses the “Feline Dream Home” chapter from the book she co-edited, DECODING YOUR CAT: THE ULTIMATE EXPERTS EXPLAIN COMMON CAT BEHAVIORS AND REVEAL HOW TO PREVENT OR CHANGE UNWANTED ONES. She explains that the four things a cat needs are hunting, […]

Cat Crazy #1008 (10-07-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (10-07-2013) #1008: Veterinary behaviorist and cat-lover Dr. Karen Sueda from Los Angeles helps Carrie with her adopted kitty Nacho who chews everything in sight — is it OCD or PICA, which is more serious? MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL