Chimpanzee Research Must End

Humane Talk (07-06-2015) #8047: Why chimpanzee research must end and retire those chimps currently living in labs to sanctuaries; Tracie and Wayne discuss efforts to put a stop to the cruel trade in Beluga whales in Russian seas in order to display them in places like the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow […]

Humane Talk #8010 (3-17-2014)

Humane Talk (3-17-2014) #8010: Stopping the cruelty of the disturbing practice of “horse soring,” using painful methods to make show horses have an exaggerated, high-stepping gait; the dangers of the exotic animal trade and the legality in much of the United States of keeping boa constrictors, tigers, chimpanzees, lions, and other exotic animals in homes […]