Clicker Training—Good for Dolphins, Not So Much for Dogs

Good Dogs! (07-06-2022) #6109: Carol Borden talks about how clicker training was developed for performing dolphins and then transferred to dog training. She discusses why it is not a good tool for human-dog communication because it is dependent on very subtle timing. Tracie talks about how using a clicker is something she could personally never […]

Dog Talk #385 (8/30/2014)

Dog Talk (8/30/2014) #385: Mary Peng calls from Beijing, China, to talk about the positive realities of pet ownership in the People’s Republic of China rather than the publicized dog meat festival, describing pet adoption days and her International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing; dog trainers Lisa & Brad Waggoner discuss their Cold Nose […]

Good Dogs! #6021 (6-23-2014)

Good Dogs! (6-23-2014) #6021: Lise from Avidog discusses how to know whether private or group training classes are better for you; she talks about clicker training and how timing is everything, proven with chickens (of all things!) by the renowned trainer Bob Bailey, who taught dog trainers how to change behavior at Chicken Camp using timing, criteria […]