A Feline Only Vet (with Kittens on the Side!)

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (11-07-2022) #804C: Dr Sharon Eisen, a feline-only veterinarian with her own practice (Complete Cat Vet Clinic in Brookfield, Connecticut) talks about the benefit to cats and their people of a clinic just for cats. She also talks about her lifelong passion for breeding British Shorthairs. MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Teddy Bear Cats — A Feline-Only Vet Who Also Breeds British Shorthairs

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-07-2022) #0108: Dr. Sharon Eisen has her own feline-only veterinary practice called the Complete Cat Care Clinic in Brookfield, Connecticut. She and Tracie discuss the advantages to a cat of being in a clinic where no dogs are allowed! And the medical and diagnostic benefits of […]

Welcoming Earth Animal to My World

Welcoming Earth Animal to My World For many many years, I drove by the small Earth Animal store in Westport, Connecticut, which is where I grew up — and where my father and Paul Newman created Newman’s Own — and where my father (at the astounding old age of 102!) still lives 65 years later. […]

Treatment Options for Dog with Multiple Mast Cell Tumors

Pet Cancer Vet (02-19-2018) #2069: Lynn in Winsted, Connecticut wants Dr. Sue’s advice on what to do for her 12 year old shepherd mix, who was diagnosed with multiple mast cell tumors. Lynn loves her dog dearly but doesn’t want him to suffer through surgeries and the side effects of medications, so has decided not […]

Dog Talk #407 (02-07-2015)

Dog Talk (02-07-2015) #407: Gabor runs the rescue network of the Nutmeg Weimaraner Club in Connecticut, through which Tracie found a 4 year old Weimaraner for adoption — which went bad very quickly since she was not told the whole story; in order for others not to suffer the terrible quandary Tracie was put in […]

Dog Talk #377 (6/28/2014)

Dog Talk #377 (6/28/2014) Dog Talk (6/28/2014) #377: Linda Case is the author of DOG FOOD LOGIC, which Tracie likens to Malcolm Gladwell’s riveting books that explain how we make decisions. Here, Linda Case explains all the unrecognized influences on our attitudes about pet nutrition, and the need instead for rational, objective thinking in making […]