Determining Cause of Your Pet’s Itchy Skin

Holistic Vets (04-03-2017) #3063: Dr Patrick Mahaney talks about the causes of itchy skin —  hypothyroid, Cushings disease, flea bites, and allergies — and the SPOT platinum test your vet can do to find out exactly what your pet is allergic to and create an individualized oral serum to give every day to relieve the […]

The Expert Vet #5033 (01-05-2015)

The Expert Vet (01-05-2015) #5033: Dr. Donna explains Cushings Disease, the not uncommon old age disease in which dogs become “walking ottomans,” with a voracious appetite and weight gain, a pot belly that can almost drag, and drinking and peeing in overdrive. Adrenal Cushings comes from a malignant growth on the adrenal gland that can […]

Pet Cancer Vet #2036 (11-17-2014)

Pet Cancer Vet (11-17-2014): #2036: Kelli comes to Dr. Sue and Tracie in a state of confusion about her pet Ruben. After working with an internist she has nothing but questions and remains unclear whether he has metastasized lymphoma or an adrenal tumor? Or could it be Cushings Disease? Should she have more testing or […]