Why I Love Weruva (and the Formans who own it)

Why I Love Weruva (and the Formans who own it) In 2006, I met David and Stacie Forman in the early months of starting their very own cat food company. At the time I had a weekly live call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM called “Cat Chat” and they called in with […]

Is Fish Good for Cats?

Is Fish Good for Cats? Many of us make a positive association between cats and “fish for dinner,” possibly because of cartoons we’ve seen that depict cats licking their whiskers with the skeleton of a fish they have completely consumed. Also, cat foods historically used fish when it was once a plentiful and inexpensive ingredient […]

Cop Chokes Own Dog

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (03-14-2021) #718: Featuring Aimee Sadler, David Forman, and Nathalie Bibeau. Aimee Sadler and Tracie discuss the shocking leaked video of an assault by a Salisbury North Carolina policeman on his own K-9 partner — in which he choked out the dog, slammed him against his vehicle, then slugged him in […]

Pumpkin Patch Up to the Rescue

Pumpkin Patch Up to the Rescue I have known how beneficial pumpkin is for a dog or cat’s digestive system ever since I researched and wrote The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible. However, I’ve never really promoted the concept of adding pumpkin to the diet of any cat or dog because pure, unsweetened pumpkin […]

Mimi Discovers Best Feline Friend From Weruva

Mimi Discovers Best Feline Friend From Weruva Mimi wrote to say she had read THE CAT BIBLE (and given a few copies as gifts to friends) and was following my advice to get her kitties off all dry food since any “kitty crack” is bad for the health of all cats. She discovered BFF from […]

“Investigating” Weruva’s Pet Food Plant

I received this from a listener I was able to help emotionally after a tragic accident in which her little kitten Emma got stuck inside a litter pail and died. Then I heard from her with concerns about the manufacture of Weruva cat food. I am blogging this so that it can educate all of […]