The Expert Vet #5029 (8-04-2014)

The Expert Vet (8-04-2014) #5029: What to do if you adopt a dog like Tracie’s new Blue Weimaraner Maisie and she has horrible diarrhea when switching her to better food? Dr. Donna explains FRD (fiber responsive diarrhea in large breed young dogs) and how adding Fiber One cereal and psyllium husk powder to all meals, […]

Pet Food Advisors #7030 (6-02-2014)

Pet Food Advisors (6-02-2014) #7030: What are the different kinds of fiber in dog food (soluble or insoluble, fermentable or non-) and how they function to create the much sought-after firm poop — and how fiber is helpful in cases of diarrhea. MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL