Don’t Judge a Dog by the Cover

Good Dogs! (12-21-2022) #6119: Ethologist Kim Brophey confirms the scientific facts that certain breeds of dogs are genetically inclined toward certain behaviors. She wonders why some people are reluctant to make assumptions about how an individual dog in a breed is going to behave — like a Border Collie who relentlessly chases and herds — […]

What Does “Aggressive Dog” Really Mean?

Good Dogs! (09-22-2021) #6092:  Guest co-host Elaine Berg of Golden Rule Dog Training in Evergreen, Colorado, specializes in working with aggressive dogs. What does “aggressive” actually mean, and how do we misunderstand aggression in managing a dog’s behavior? MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

Why Dogs Do What They Do

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (04-14-2018) #566: Featuring Marc Bekoff, Dr Vicky Thayer, and Gillian Wood Pultz. Marc Bekoff’s newest book, CANINE CONFIDENTIAL: WHY DOGS DO WHAT THEY DO; Dr Vicky Thayer, Executive Director of the WINN Feline Foundation, on funding cat health research; Gillian Wood Pultz helps set up spay/neuter clinics in Thailand, Africa […]

Joe, Maisie and the Cheese

Joe. Maisie. And the Cheese This is a little story about how dogs learn, and especially how we can communicate to them certain behaviors which displease us. Most importantly, it’s a story about how/when/if to reprimand a dog for having engaged in one of those behaviors. This story is especially useful for new dog owners, […]

Explaining Dog Behavior — and Misbehavior!

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (05-07-2016) #471: Dr. Tina Owen founded Hope Veterinary Clinic in Los Angeles while she was the chief of surgery at the VCA West Los Angeles Veterinary Hospital — and she was a pioneer in offering vet services to the pets of the homeless, a “pack of two”; Kim Kavin wrote […]

Bringing Unwanted Dogs from GA to North East

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (04-02-2016) #467: Karen Talbot founded Animal Aid USA to bring unwanted dogs to the Northeast from the South when she saw the huge homeless and discarded dog population in Georgia and now has 30 volunteers, 5 vans and a big rig to do monthly rescue transports; trainer Alison Denlea talks […]

Relate to Dogs as Individuals

The Bond (07-06-2015) #0005: Every dog is unique! Co-host Sarah Wilson of discusses the importance of relating to each dog as an individual and not labeling them with pejorative terms like “stubborn” or “difficult.” Rather than putting a value judgment on a dog’s behavior, better to assume innocent intentions and presume they’re doing the […]