How To Travel Safely With Pets

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) #555R: Dr. Nandi Neilanjan believes people should not let their dogs lick their faces because of the transmissible pathogens we can get from our dogs’ saliva, like worms and e. Coli; Dr. Julie Bailey discusses how to travel safely with animals, especially the topic of tranquilizers; Sarah Ellis speaks from […]

Traveling in Europe with Your Dog (InfoGraphic)

No Vaccinations. What are Dog Travel Requirements?

Hi Tracie, Thank you for being such an advocate for the four legged loves of our lives. I was listening to your informative program regarding avoiding re-vaccinations for dogs. I have a one year old Shih Tzu and am concerned about her being over-vaccinated. We also take her on airplanes with us and have to […]

Dog Talk #338 Tracie Hotchner (09-14-2013)

Dog Talk #338: Scott Stulen, Project Director of the super-popular Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (to which 10,000 people came for a second year running), discusses the phenomenon of online communities of people eagerly seeking out the opportunity to come together in “real life” to experience their shared interests together; […]