You Really Need Pet Insurance!

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) #562: You really need pet insurance. But what company to choose? Kent Kruse, retired pet insurance expert and veterinarian, talks about why more people do not have pet insurance and how to go about protecting yourself by choosing a company with no annual or lifetime limits, no hereditary exclusions, and […]

Sia and Me and the Dog Film Festival

Sia and Me and the Dog Film Festival This past weekend, the Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisure section ran a big piece about the singer/songwriter Sia, and her compelling integration of dancers into her videos and performances, as she embarks on a huge national and international tour with her troupe. The article explained […]

The Tragedy of Orlando and the Victims’ Pets Left Behind

The Tragedy of Orlando and the Victims’ Pets Left Behind I had not seen my old friend Donanne in Los Angeles for many years, so I was very happy to be headed there in the first week of June with the Dog Film Festival. With a grant from the Petco Foundation, I’m touring the country […]

California Dreamin’ Of Dogs

California Dreamin’ Of Dogs The first stop on the Dog Film Festival national tour was a huge success! I am over the moon with excitement over how great the Dog Film Festival launch went this past weekend in Los Angeles. Seems like the whole town turned out to celebrate the chance to come to a […]

Meet my Goddaughter Melissa Rivers at Dog Film Festival Pooch Party in L.A.

Meet my Goddaughter Melissa Rivers at the Dog Film Festival Pooch Party in Los Angeles I’m really excited to be heading to Los Angeles to premiere the Dog Film Festival there next Saturday June 4th, but I have a very special personal reason for wanting to get there: my goddaughter Melissa Rivers has agreed to […]

Paws for Applause in Los Angeles

In preparing to take the Dog Film Festival to Los Angeles June 4th & 5th, I heard about EatSeeHear — which is an outdoor, summer-long, pet-friendly event series, with food trucks, movies and live music. I wish there was a series like this in Vermont where I now live! The events run on Saturdays from […]

Helping Homeless with Pets

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (03-05-2016) #463: Lori Weise created Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles to help homeless people with pets, serving the “shadow population” where something as simple as getting a dog license for a homeless person is a sense of accomplishment; Karn Meyers discusses Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” in Los Angeles […]