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Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Karen Rosenthal

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One Foot Long “Living Art”

Exotic Pets (05-31-2023) #220: Bearded Dragons are the #1 most popular exotic pet in America. Dr. Doug explains all the reasons they are “easy keepers” and a great “starter exotic.” Tracie asks about what they need in their terrarium and Dr Doug says “clean dirt” is the best choice and the easiest access is to […]

Pedro & Petra, Living the Tortoise High Life in Mexico City

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (05-22-2023) #831CA: Tracie learned about photographer Laura Cohen and her Tortoises Pedro and Petra, in Johanna Seigmann’s photographic book “In Good Company.” Laura found the tortoises at the huge live animal market in her town, Mexico City. Pedro was as big as a Bic pen and unlikely to live. Petra […]

Looking for a Vet? Beware the Word “Specialist”

Exotic Pets (05-17-2023) #214: Very few veterinarians are legitimately board-certified exotic pet specialists — with extra training, testing and years of experience. Dr. Doug is one of those rare doctors. “Specialist” is a rarified distinction of having studied and mastered a skill set. Unfortunately, it has become a “buyer beware” situation for pet owners looking […]

Mother’s Day Shout Out to Moms Who Inherit Their Kids’ Snakes!

Exotic Pets (05-10-2023) #213: Dr. Doug talks about why people have snakes as pets and their atypical human-animal bond. Snakes have ears — can hear us — and even know their owner’s voice. But when their owners go to college, those devoted mothers have to pick up the torch! MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL

Veterinarian to Those That Slither & Fly

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (03-13-2023) #821B: Dr. Doug Mader wrote the surprising story of how he started out as a vet by opening a clinic in a dodgy neighborhood in “The Vet at Noah’s Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital” — as an exotic pet specialist, with the rollicking tales of […]