Shaming Those Who Embrace Trophy Hunting

Humane Talk (10-10-2016) #8064: Wayne Pacelle discusses trophy hunting and shaming those who embrace it –– like the Trump sons, Eric & Donald, Jr. who recently bragged about their exploits on safari. Tracie says that anyone engaging in the willful slaughter of precious and endangered species is committing “social pornography”; Wayne says that “ethical consistency […]

How Humans Have Endangered Jaguars

Humane Talk (12-14-2015) #8037: Alan Rabinowitz has devoted his life to studying the jaguar in the wild, where its survival is under threat. He discusses his book AN INDOMITABLE BEAST: THE LIFE JOURNEY OF THE JAGUAR and how humans have interfered with the very existence of this elusive, magnificent beast. MP3 Audio [19 MB]DownloadShow URL