Can You Change a Cat’s Personality?

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (12-15-2021) #0071: Tracie talks to cat behaviorist Dr. Mikel Delgado about whether its possible to alter a cat’s nature. Can you change a cat’s personality to make them more affectionate? More outgoing? Less timid? What forms a cat’s personality: is it genetics, early socialization, environment, or […]

Please Read This Book—It Will Surprise & Delight You!

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (07-18-2021) #736: Tracie spends the whole hour with Henry Mance—author of How to Love Animals in a Human-Shaped World—because she found the book mind-expanding and soul-enlightening in exposing the ways that choices we make in how we live our lives (unintentionally?) affect animals, the environment and other people. The book […]

Is a Dog Being Allergic to Chicken Really a “Thing”?

Is a Dog Being Allergic to Chicken Really a “Thing”? Is it truly possible that a dog can be “allergic” to chicken? This seems to be a popular belief as the cause for a dog to have itchy skin, hot spots, or waxy, infected ears. From chicken?! Really?! I mean have you ever heard of […]