Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge (weeks 3 & 4): We Never Said It Was Easy

Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector After Faith’s big weight loss, the scale didn’t budge an ounce during Week 3. Although it is actually quite common for dogs to experience a weight plateau for a week or two after a big loss, Faith actually gained a little during Week 4–which is a red flag! After […]

Healthy Weight Challenge–Week 6 results–don’t let exercise sabotage your dog’s diet!

Don’t fall victim to the Reward Rule Healthy Weight Challenge–Week 6 results are in–don’t let exercise sabotage your dog’s diet! Guest Blog Post by Dr. Donna Spector In week 4, Fritz experienced a small weight gain. With a minor adjustment in his food and calorie intake, he is right back on track with a ½ […]