Leave the Hiding Cat Alone!

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (07-06-2022) #0098: Zazie Todd’s book “PURR: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy” explains that hiding can be a natural and necessary choice for some cats and people need to respect the need of a cat who is hiding to manage feelings of fear and vulnerability. […]

Music Specially for Kitty Cats

Music Specially for Kitty Cats A few years ago, scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the University of Maryland, wanted to study whether cats could respond to music. And so they created some music especially for feline sensibilities, as described in this article outlining the whole study.  It describes how Charles Snowdon […]

Cancer/Kibble Connection Debunked

Pet Food Advisors (07-20-2015) #7042: Cancer and kibble — is there a connection? There is no proven scientific theory to the cancer/carb connection, which was originally based on studies that turned out to be falsified! Many of the dramatically negative “theories” against dry pet food (for example, the entirely false claim that the phenobarbital from […]