Does Your Cat Know What You’re Saying?

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (03-15-2023) #0135: Ever wonder if your cat is listening to you? Mikel Maria Delgado talks about a study done in Paris, France looking at whether a cat’s pet parent’s voice means something to them. It does! Cats do recognize and respond to the voice of their […]

Do You Use Baby Talk with Your Dog?

Do You Use Baby Talk with Your Dog? Do you think your dog likes hearing baby talk from you? Do you enjoy having that special communication style? Are you as surprised as I am by French researchers telling us we’re wasting our time on doggy baby talk?! I read a fun article on Gizmodo recently […]

Preventing Terrible Chemo Reactions

Pet Cancer Vet (07-27-2015) #2045: Corinne, an American living in France, calls about her breeding Australian Shepherd Fern, who is only four years old but got lymphoma, which is being treated with a different protocol by the French oncologist. Dr. Sue talks about how to prevent the terrible reaction to chemo that Fern had and […]