Humane Talk #8011 (3-24-2014)

Humane Talk (3-24-2014) #8011: Do many veterinarians view cattle as nothing more than “steak on the hoof” — even though the animals deserve a dignified and humane life and death? Dr Gary Block sees too-easy justifications by many veterinarians so he is active in the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics and is a board member […]

Dog Talk #364 (3/22/2014)

Dog Talk (3/22/2014) #364: Marcello Cacciola talks about SOI dogs, a rescue organization that spays and neuters un-owned dogs in Thailand and returns them to their natural habitat of the street, and also works in coalition with the Humane Society International Canine Alliance for S.E. Asia to stop the dog meat trade that trucks dogs […]