Preventing Aggression Between Dogs

Good Dogs! (03-06-2017) #6065: Gayle from Avidog International explains what a dog’s “prey drive” is — especially when re-directed at other dogs. The dog’s brain focuses only on the prey and they cannot see or hear you trying to stop them when their brain is filled with neuro-chemicals that feel good. Preventing aggression towards other […]

Good Dogs! #6033 (12-08-2014)

Good Dogs! (12-08-2014) #6033: Marcy from Avidog talks about “heart dogs” and how each of the Avidog Golden Retriever breeder/trainers has had their own once-in-a-lifetime very special dog: Lise with Goose, Gayle with Corey and Marcy herself with Taylor. Marcy explains what dogs teach us and how her dogs have taught her to be in […]

Good Dogs! #6030 (8-18-2014)

Good Dogs! (8-18/2014) #6030: Gayle talks about the Canadian National Golden Retriever Specialty show where she recently judged the CCA — the Certificate of Conformation Assessment, which she actually developed! She discusses differences in the expected lifespan of American vs. British Goldens (10 ½ vs. 12 years) and the K9 College Cruise she’ll be presenting […]

The Pet Cancer Vet #2031 (8-04-2014)

The Pet Cancer Vet (8-04-2014) #2031: Dr. Sue and Tracie give advice and support to Gayle in Roanoke, Virginia, who German Shepherd Dog Iago has an inoperable thymoma near his heart. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

Good Dogs! #6026 (7-28-2014)

Good Dogs! (7-28-2014) #6026: What about dog parks? Are they fun or dangerous? Maybe a little of both! Hear Gayle’s recommendations for appropriate age for the dog park (never before 9 months of age because puppies are not socially wise) and warnings about the serious dangers in a dog park and potentially life-saving advice. MP3 […]

Good Dogs! #6025 (6-30-2014)

Good Dogs! (6-30-2014) #6025: Gayle from Avidog discusses the three categories scent work for dogs: tracking (you can join a clubs to learn how to teach your dog to track humans), nose work (mimicking the identification of drug, bomb and other contraband) and fun games at home (like Easter egg hunt types of hide and […]

Good Dogs! #6017 (4-28-2014)

Good Dogs! (4-28-2014) #6017: Annie from Camp Unleashed discusses all the experiences Tracie and her new pooch Maisie have to look forward to on May 29th (and there is still time for you to join there: — then Gayle from Avidog talks about ways to prepare yourself as much as your dog for such adventures […]