Pack of Gold

Pack of Gold A puppy goes from wired to winsome—and finds her forever family. I would like to share a happy rescue story from my friend and colleague Jennifer Erdman, who co-founded Ewegurt, the company that makes healthy dog treats from sheep’s milk, which has natural relaxant properties that reduce anxiety. Good news for stressed-out […]

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen Here’s a personal tale to make the point that even dogs with the “trickiest tummies” can eat The Honest Kitchen’s healthy foods if you give them the digestive support they need to eat the pet food that’s good enough for people to eat — “Made with Passion and Principles.” […]

Intestinal Parasites & Heartworm

Internal Parasites (Worms) Puppies are born with worms — an unappealing thought, but that’s the way it is! The worms that puppies are born with are roundworms (ascarids), although there are other intestinal parasites that can infest puppies: hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms and single-celled parasites called coccidia and giardia. Puppies should be wormed at birth and […]