Labradoodles are Nobody’s Frankenstein Monster!

Labradoodles are Nobody’s Frankenstein Monster! Why was such a fuss made this week about The BBC news podcast of an interview last week with a man named Wally, decrying a crossbred dog he experimented with decades ago?  The mainstream media (the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc) grabbed onto the interview as though there […]

What You Need to Know About the H3N2 Dog Flu

DOG TALK (And Kitties Too!) (06-09-2018) #574: Featuring Dr. Kathryn Primm, Steven Kuusisto, and Jessica Vaccaro. What you need to know about the H3N2 dog flu that has hit New York City, with Brooklyn hardest hit, as it continues to spread, with 91 confirmed local cases as of June 5th! Dr Kathryn Primm from Applebrook […]

Dog Talk #356 (1/18/2014)

Dog Talk (1/18/2014) #356: What was the recent story with the blind man who fell onto subway tracks and then got donations of $40,000 because he said he had to give away his guide dog? DOG TALK® listener Gil (who has been on the show before discussing his own guide dogs Evie and Satch), tries […]