Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Successful Week 10!

Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Back To A Successful Week 10! Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector True to form—after no weight loss during weeks 8 and 9—Faith weighed in with a loss of 1.2 pounds this week. She is now 61.4 pounds—way to go Faith! Faith’s mom often feels she is on a weight loss […]

Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge Week 6: Back On Track

Halo’s Healthy Weight Challenge: Back On Track During Week 6! Guest blog by Dr. Donna Spector After Faith’s weight gain during Week 4 we took another look at her calories and cut her back by another 5%. Remember:  whenever your vet creates a weight loss plan—is just a starting point—a best guess. Don’t be disappointed—the […]

HALO and the Expert Vet team up for Healthy Weight Challenge!

HALO and THE EXPERT VET team up for the Healthy Weight Challenge! Guest Blog by Dr. Donna Spector The first overweight participant has been enrolled in the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge on THE EXPERT VET of the RADIO PET LADY NETWORK. All participants in the challenge will be eating the Halo Healthy Weight holistic dog […]