Two Happiest Audience Members at Dog Film Festival in Seattle

I’m just back from Seattle and the thrill of bringing the Dog Film Festival there, with a phenomenal turn out! Fully half the audience members had four legs and brought along their enthusiastic and appreciative humans! During the showings of short films, all of which included dogs, the dogs in the audience made sporadic barking […]

California Dreamin’ Of Dogs

California Dreamin’ Of Dogs The first stop on the Dog Film Festival national tour was a huge success! I am over the moon with excitement over how great the Dog Film Festival launch went this past weekend in Los Angeles. Seems like the whole town turned out to celebrate the chance to come to a […]

Paws for Applause in Los Angeles

In preparing to take the Dog Film Festival to Los Angeles June 4th & 5th, I heard about EatSeeHear — which is an outdoor, summer-long, pet-friendly event series, with food trucks, movies and live music. I wish there was a series like this in Vermont where I now live! The events run on Saturdays from […]

A Happy Ending for a Homeless Lady and Her Dog

A Happy Ending for a Homeless Lady and Her Dog The recent inaugural Dog Film Festival in New York City gave me and the audience many opportunities to look at the human-canine bond from different perspectives. Many of us treasure and value our connection with our dogs and cannot imagine life without them — but […]

What We Learned at the Movies

The inaugural DOG FILM FESTIVAL that my Radio Pet Lady Network produced last weekend in New York City was a rousing success. What had been a crazy idea amazed me by taking wing — with the New York Times devoting half a page in the Weekend Arts section to the festival, Time Out magazine picking […]

Dog Film Festival Visionary Award to Steve Marton

The New York Dog Film Festival Visionary Award to Steve Marton The First Annual Dog Film Festival will have one award in its first year — the Visionary Award, which was created to recognize an individual who best exemplifies the intention of the Dog Film Festival: “celebrating the remarkable bond between dogs and their people.” […]

Dog with Goopy Eyes? A Totally Natural Remedy!

Dog with Goopy Eyes? A Totally Natural Remedy! I’ve been taking tracking lessons with my darling four-month-old Weimaraner puppy Wanda, working with Kathy Jo Magan, who is widely known as a tracking and Schutzhund trainer and competitor. Lucky for me, she leaves her Florida home base (where she also breeds Belgian Malinois and Corgis!) and […]

Nobody Likes to Hear Their Dog is Fat!

Nobody Likes to Hear Their Dog is Fat! Canine etiquette question: what do you say when you encounter someone whose dog is seriously overweight? I have been in this predicament more than several times and am torn between not wanting to offend or alienate the person, and advocating for a diet and change in feeding […]

New Dog Flu: Coming to Town Near You?

The New Dog Flu — Coming to a Town Near You? I don’t like to be a fear monger, but the new strain of dog flu that killed and sickened many dogs in Chicago, has now spread to 12 states beyond Illinois. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about an episode of THE […]

Shampooing Your Dog

Shampooing Your Dog — Making it Fun and Frequent On my NPR radio show DOG TALK® this past week I interviewed humorist Merrill Markoe, several of whose amazing videos will be featured in the Dog Film Festival October 3rd. I invited her to read one of the fall-down-funny essays from her book What the Dogs […]