Does Your Dog have Diabetes? How to Manage it with a Healthy Diet

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It Diabetes in dogs is a fairly common occurrence but it is a very different disease than what occurs in cats. I turned for assistance in understanding canine diabetes to my co-host on THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network — Dr Donna Spector […]

Healthy Weight Challenge–Week 8 results–slow and steady wins this race!

Healthy Weight Challenge—Week 8 results—slow and steady will always win this race! Guest Blog Post by Dr. Donna Spector Here we are in week 8 of the 12-week Halo Healthy Weight Challenge. Fritz continues his slow and steady weight loss and successfully weighs in with another 0.6 pounds of weight loss. He is at a […]

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It

I have been getting quite a few questions about diabetes in dogs, even though it is a fairly rare dog disease (not like cats, where type 2 diabetes is at epidemic levels and closely linked to the equal epidemic of feeding dry food to cats, an unnatural ingredient for the obligate carnivore). But for dogs, […]