Dog Talk #366 (4/5/2014)

Dog Talk (4/5/2014) #366: Karen Wright discusses breeding Bombay cats [] as companions for special needs children on the autism spectrum because the breed is “lap velcro” and can make a big difference in the lives of these kids; film director Peter Mcevilley discusses how the CEO of Halo Purely for Pets commissioned him to […]

House Training Your Dog

I prefer the phrase “house-training” to “housebreaking,” which sounds so harsh. Housebreaking implies that you have to “break” your dog of something; almost as though you and your dog are in a battle of wills. If you understand that emptying her bladder and bowels means more than just a bodily function to a dog, then […]

Picking a Puppy (Part 1: Timing)

This chapter gives you the scoop on what makes puppies tick — and ways to evaluate the best possible puppy for you. In Chapter Three you will find: Timing — when to look at a litter, when a puppy can go home with you and whether two puppies are a good idea. Picking a puppy […]