Is Broccoli Toxic to Dogs?

The Expert Vet (08-06-2017) #5073: Tracie asks Dr. Donna: “Is broccoli toxic?” because she feeds handfuls of frozen broccoli to her dogs every day as a snack! Turns out there is more than one answer to this peculiar question — a “yes” and a “no!” MP3 Audio [9 MB]DownloadShow URL

Determining Cause of Your Pet’s Itchy Skin

Holistic Vets (04-03-2017) #3063: Dr Patrick Mahaney talks about the causes of itchy skin —  hypothyroid, Cushings disease, flea bites, and allergies — and the SPOT platinum test your vet can do to find out exactly what your pet is allergic to and create an individualized oral serum to give every day to relieve the […]