“Gone for Good???”

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (09-26-2022) #798C: Tracie talks to Deepanjali, a young design student in New York from India (whose parents chose not to give first names to her or her brother so they are single-named people!) For a school project, she created \”Gone for Good???\” a deeply-felt animated film that will be in the 7th Annual NY Dog Film Festival on October 23rd — and Deepnajali will be there herself! It depicts a mournful Pug who suffers when his mistress goes off to college and leaves him behind.

2 Philosophical questions. Do Animals Dream? Why Cage a Loved Family Member?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (08-07-2022) #791: Featuring David Pena-Guzman and Sindhoor Pangal. David Pena-Guzman is a philosophy professor and animal ethicist who talks about his book “When Animals Dream: The Hidden World of Animal Consciousness” and whether dreaming conveys moral status on animals; Sindhoor Pangal, the director of dog behavior training at BHARCS in […]

Welcome Your Dog’s Love with Open Arms

Welcome Your Dog’s Love with Open Arms (Guest blog by Sindhoor Pangal) To put this piece in context, please listen to my conversation on DOG TALK® with the wonderful “dog lady of India,” Sindhoor Pangal, about being better friends to our dogs. [There was a previous interview about her revolutionary dog training theory and her […]

New Year’s Resolution: Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, not Vice-Versa

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (01-02-2022) #760: Tracie wants to start the new year off by changing our perceptions about dogs. Who are they, really? What do they need to be their true selves? How do we provide them with lives that respect their needs? Tracie has a philosophical discussion with Sindhoor Pangal (Dog Knows: […]

Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (11-08-2020) #700: Featuring Kathy Callahan, Alice Mayn, and Sindoor Pangal. Kathy Callahan’s book 101 Rescue Puppies: One Family’s Story of Fostering Dogs, Love, and Trust is chock full of the world’s cutest puppy photos and stories; Alice Mayn founded Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary in Petaluma, CA, where dozens of […]

HSUS response to Wolf Hunting

Humane Talk (09-28-2015) #8050: From a conversation in 2013: right after the USFWS de-listed wolves as endangered in the Great lakes region, Wisconsin and Minnesota opened wolf hunting and trapping. How did the HSUS respond to this tragic development? Animal welfare in India — a contradiction in terms, as Tracie experienced it? After his trip […]