We Rate Dogs—the Best “Inside Joke” in Dogdom

We Rate Dogs—the Best “Inside Joke” in Dogdom I’m a pretty big Luddite when it comes to Twitter and Instagram, which means I miss out on a LOT of really fun, exciting, moving content relating to dogs and cats. I had always figured I was already so overwhelmed receiving weighty content about pets (books, studies, […]

Social Media Sensation: WeRateDogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (10-06-2018) #591: Featuring Matt Nelson, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, and Hillary Rosen. Matt Nelson talks about how he accidentally created the Instagram sensation, WeRateDogs; Dr. Patrick Mahaney tells the story of Arbuckle, an obese Beagle who was rescued at 116 lbs. by the non-profit A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles, has […]