Weruva Biggest Kitty Loser Contest

The Weruva Biggest Kitty Loser Contest Time travel. The birth of Weruva. The invention of the Biggest Kitty Loser contest in 2007 and the thousands of people who took the challenge on my Sirius radio show CAT CHAT, and found their kitty cats transformed, just by stopping feeding them dry cat food (which I called […]

Does Your Dog have Diabetes? How to Manage it with a Healthy Diet

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It Diabetes in dogs is a fairly common occurrence but it is a very different disease than what occurs in cats. I turned for assistance in understanding canine diabetes to my co-host on THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network — Dr Donna Spector […]

The Expert Vet #5011 (10-30-2013)

The Expert Vet (10-30-2013) #5011: Tracie and Dr. Donna welcome Carla to the show to discuss her very tubby tabby, Borre and the best diet to feed severely overweight diabetic cats. Dr. Donna describes acromegaly as a possible cause of unregulated diabetes in a cat who is growing, gaining weight and taking high doses of […]