Your Dog’s Genes Really Matter

Good Dogs! (07-07-2021) #6087: Carol discusses the importance of genetics on any dog’s behavior and personality. Princeton University research results showed that genetics account for 50% of the dog’s personality/makeup. Tracie asks Carol about her breeding of German Shepherds to be service animals and how she breeds for the required temperament, intelligence and self-confidence. At […]

Are You Smarter Than A Reptile?

Humane Talk (08-17-2015) #8048: “Are You Smarter than a Reptile?” Dr. William Miller (author of this article with that title and the book The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome) wants us to consider the complexity, intelligence and survival skills of creatures we have deemed to be lower on a scale of intelligence […]

The Pig Pet Idea Project: Plausible or Unimaginable?

The Pig Pet Idea Project: Plausible or Unimaginable? A mini pig sounds like a great idea for a pet? Don’t rush and get one just yet. Read about their pros and cons in here first.