Dog Talk #404 (01-17-2015)

Dog Talk (01-17-2015) #404: Jackson Galaxy talks about his new book Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) and how to make your house attractively cat-centric to enrich and enhance your kitty’s life; Lise Pratt, who is one of Tracie’s co-hosts on GOOD DOGS! talks about what a good breeder […]

Juno the Olive-Obsessed Kitty

Juno the Olive-Obsessed Kitty Several years ago I was contacted by Susan, one of my radio listeners in New Hampshire, with a question that remains a fascinating phenomenon. My two year old cat Juno steals Kalamata olives. Not only does he steal them, he will scream and beg for them if he sees me eating […]

Cat Chat & Dog Talk #3009 (10-29-2013)

Cat Chat® & Dog Talk® (10-29-2013) #3009: Dr. Patrick about being on Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat from Hell as the veterinary consultant; introducing RX Vitamins for pets and that medical problems should be solved before supplementation begins. MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Talk #337 Tracie Hotchner (09-07-2013)

Dog Talk #337: Dr. Kerry Heuter, a board-certified veterinary internist from the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers, New York, talks about the four different treatments for hyper-thyroid disease, a common disorder of aging cats; Tracie talks to her old pal and now superstar “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy about solving cat behavior problems on his hit […]