You’ll Never Swat a Fly Again

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (03-06-2022) #769: Featuring Jonathan Balcombe, Julie Kelly, and Fern Watt. The great advocate for All Living Things, Jonathan Balcombe, discusses the wonders he uncovers in his riveting book, Super Fly: The Unexpected Lives of the World’s Most Successful Creatures, which is sure to make you think twice before ever swatting […]

Do Fishes Feel?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (01-30-2022) #764: Featuring Jonathan Balcombe, Cindy Dunston Quirk, and Kimo Pokini. Jonathan Balcombe, the world-renowned expert on the inner life of non-human creatures of all kinds, discusses “animal sentience” (also the name of the publication he co-edits) in particular fishes and the torturous reality for them of “aquaculture,” which sounds […]

Complexity of Fish Relationships

Humane Talk (09-03-2016) #8062: Jonathan Balcombe (What A Fish Knows) on the complexity of fishes’ relationships, tool use and ingenuity, and why it’s important for a cleaner fish to build a maintain a good reputation in this underwater service industry! MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Pain and Suffering We Cause Fishes

Humane Talk (08-15-2016) #8061: Jonathan Balcombe on his book WHAT A FISH KNOWS discusses the pain and suffering we cause to fishes, why factory farmed fish may suffer even more than wild caught ones, and how “fish substitute” products make a tasty solution to the problem. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Animal Companionship in Retirement Communities

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (07-02-2016) #479: Jonathan Balcombe calls creatures of the sea “fishes” explained with startling revelations in his book WHAT FISH KNOW: THE INNER LIVES OF OUR UNDERWATER COUSINS; Dr. Rebecca Johnson is Director of the Research Center for Human and Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri and has created a […]