The Puppy Series #3 “No Jumping Up – Keep Four on the Floor”

Good Dogs! (10-20-2021) #6094: Tracie talks about a listener who has a 10-month-old Portuguese Water Dog who jumps on everyone. Carol Borden discusses how to manage a puppy’s (or any age dog’s) enthusiasm when the doorbell rings or people visit. Teaching how not to jump, to keep “four on the floor” for rewards, and develop […]

Midnight Munchies – Begging for Food?

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (08-04-2021) #0054: Does your kitty bug you in the middle of night- meowing, pawing, jumping on you? Does she want attention? Food? Both? Dr. Mikel Delgado (co-author with Jackson Galaxy of Total Cat Mojo) suggests ways to get a good night’s sleep.   MP3 Audio [17 […]

Good Dogs! #6028 (8-11-2014): 5 Things a Well-Behaved Dog Must Do

The 5 Things a Well-Behaved Dog Must Do Good Dogs! (8-11-2014) #6028: Lise describes the important things you want a well-behaved dog to be able to do: to come, to keep all four feet on the ground, to walk nicely on a leash, to wait politely for food and be respectful of a human’s space. […]

Good Dogs! #6024 (8-04-2014)

Good Dogs! (8-04-2014) #6024: Marcy explains the differences between agility just for fun and for competition, and how controlling your dog’s natural inclination to jump past the bottom step at home can help in teaching agility. MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL