Get Working Dogs From Shelters—Not From European Breeders!

Get Working Dogs From Shelters—Not From European Breeders! Why does the United States military — and various police departments around the country — continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars per dog to buy potential working dogs from Eastern Europe? Not long ago on Dog Talk®  I spoke to Dr. Karen Overall at the […]

Breeding & Training Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) #558: Dr. Karen Overall, who continues her work with military working dogs at the University of Pennsylvania vet school, discusses a New York Times article about the breeding and training of bomb sniffing dogs; Kyra Sundance’s new training book DOG TRAINING 101 espouses the charming concept that teaching a dog […]

How Much Do Dogs Understand Us?

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (07-15-2017) #533: In what ways are dogs like people in a coma? How do we know what our dogs are experiencing and understanding from us? Renowned veterinary behavior specialist Dr. Karen Overall has a lively discussion with Tracie about whether or not she is crazy for talking to her dogs […]