How to Choose a Pet Snake

Exotic Pets (10-24-2016) #211: Dr Karen talks about what slithers: SNAKES! She explains how snakes have a yearly clutch of 10 to 20 eggs that are laid internally and hatch as they exit. Curious about what kind of snake to start with? Corn, King, Milk, and Ball Pythons are all docile snakes costing from $50 […]

Exotic Pets #206 (01-05-2015)

Exotic Pets (01-05-2015) #206: THE LIZARD SHOW on which Dr. Karen introduces us to the popular Australian Bearded Dragon, which make the best pet of all the reptile choices: they stay small, they “color morph” and can be very beautiful, have a pleasing personality (you need to interact with them!), don’t need to climb and […]

Happy New Year from China to Fellow Pet Lovers around the World

Happy New Year from China to Fellow Pet Lovers around the World As we all look forward to a new year and take stock of the one that has passed, I find it amazing that after ten years devoting myself to educating, inspiring and supporting people about their pets, that I still get a thrill […]

Humane Talk #8040 (12-8-2014)

Humane Talk (12-8-2014) #8040: Dr. Karen Rosenthal, Tracie’s co-host on EXOTIC PETS, talks about the difference between “domesticated” and “domestic bred” and how much conditions were improved for parrots and other birds with the passage of the 1992 law that made it illegal to import birds into the United States. Dr. Karen also discusses her […]

Exotic Pets #205 (12-01-2014)

Exotic Pets (12-01-2014) #205: Dr. Karen Rosenthal gives an overview of Ferrets as Pets — the highly friendly, social, playful little pets who are like kittens that never grow up. Immediately litter box trained, just put a litter box in a corner (their preferred location to relieve themselves), cover the bottom with Precious Cat litter […]

Exotic Pets #203 (10-27-2014)

Exotic Pets (10-27-2014) #203: Annie Petersen founded the Association for Human-Animal Bond Studies [] particularly to promote small animals in classrooms (and in homes like her own!) and speaks about her fascination and love for guinea pigs. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Exotic Pets #202 (10-6-2014)

Exotic Pets (10-6-2014) #202: Dr. Karen continues her All Things Rabbit advice, especially about proper feeding of a bunny, which means the right hay from Oxbow Health and good quality pellets from Zoopreem, along with the fiber and grit necessary in a rabbit’s diet. MP3 Audio [15 MB]DownloadShow URL

Exotic Pets #201 (9-29-2014)

Exotic Pets (9-29-2014) #201: The show debuts with co-host Dr. Karen Rosenthal, Dean of St. Matthews University Veterinary School in the Cayman Islands, who has a long history studying and caring for exotic pets. She and Tracie kick off the new show discussing America’s favorite exotic pet, the bunny rabbit — of which Tracie had […]

Dog Talk #384 (8/23/2014)

Dog Talk (8/23/2014) #384: Dr. Karen Rosenthal, Dean of the Veterinary College of St. Matthew’s University on the Cayman Islands, B.W.I., talks about her specialty, which is “special Species” and the new show she will be co-hosting on the Radio pet Lady Network, EXOTIC PETS; Wendy Gallart met her dog, Summer, at her job at […]