Cat with Kidney Issues? Need Low Phosphorus? Look No Further!

Cat with Kidney Issues? Need Low Phosphorus? Look No Further! Please note, you absolutely must work in tandem with your trusted veterinarian to diagnose and then manage a cat with CRD. Chronic Renal Disease is going to be a management issue for the rest of the cat’s life as the kidneys continue to decline. You […]

Steve Smith of Pet Releaf on Effective CBD Products

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (11-16-2019) #649: Featuring Steve Smith and listener cat questions. CBD products for pets and people are becoming a booming, multi-billion dollar business, but most people don’t know how to choose reliably effective, quality products for themselves or their animals. To help weed out (sic) potentially dangerous or useless products made […]

Detecting Kidney Disease Early

The Expert Vet (09-24-2018) #7058: Dr. Donna talks about a ground-breaking new test to identify early kidney disease in cats, the SDMA marker. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL

Living Homeless With a Pet

Dog Talk (08-29-2015) #436: Christine Kim is a social worker for homeless people, especially those with pets, which is how she came to direct the Dog Film Festival selection “Myra & Prince,” about a gorgeous Vegas performer who became homeless and remained that way for a long time because she couldn’t find a shelter that […]