Labradoodles are Nobody’s Frankenstein Monster!

Labradoodles are Nobody’s Frankenstein Monster! Why was such a fuss made this week about The BBC news podcast of an interview last week with a man named Wally, decrying a crossbred dog he experimented with decades ago?  The mainstream media (the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc) grabbed onto the interview as though there […]

Side Effect from Chemo

Pet Cancer Vet (03-30-2015) #2041: Judi in Tallahassee, Florida calls in about her Labradoodle, Ollie, who has side effects from chemo treatment. She wants quality of life for him, not simply extra months if he is suffering, and wants to know if she should give him Apocaps. (When he was a six month old from […]

Tails From China #4105 (12-22-2014)

Tails From China (12-22-2014) #4105: Lonnie ( whose service dog Gander the Labradoodle is famous in social media, talks about living in China and the shift in peoples’ attitudes towards dogs during the time he lived in Beijing and taught there in the university. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL