Car Manners for Dogs

Good Dogs! (06-12-2017) #6070: Gayle Watkins from Avidog talks about car manners. How to teach a dog to be calm in a vehicle and how you want him to behave. The first step is for someone else to drive and you have a collar, leash and treats. She emphasizes the importance of a crash-tested harness. […]

Good Dogs! #6027 (7-07-2014)

Good Dogs! (7-07-2014) #6027: Alecia discusses her WalkinSync harness and leash system for humane and effective dog walking with only 5 minutes’ practice; Marcy talks about how a well designed front-clip harness is the perfect solution to dog owners’ #1 problem: pulling on the leash! MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL