Making Medicating Your Pets Easier

Pet Cancer Vet (02-20-2017) #2064: Dr. Sue and Tracie talk to Steve Siegel about Best Pet RX, his compounding pharmacy for animal medications and how they are able to turn any medication into an oral paste, liquid or micro-tablet to make taking medicine easy for cats, dogs and their people. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Pet Cancer Vet #2026 (2-3-2014)

The Pet Cancer Vet (2-3-2014) #2026: Steve Siegel, founder of Best Pet RX in NYC, describes his company’s unique compounding of medications your pet will not swallow — and turn them into a tablet, paste or liquid that your dog or cat will take without a fuss, with a guarantee to keep formulating until they […]