WWII Dogs; Cat on the Job

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (11-28-2015) #449: Historian L. Douglas Keeny discusses his book about World War II dogs in the military in BUDDIES: HEARTWARMING PHOTOS OF GIs AND THEIR DOGS IN WORLD WAR II; Elias “The Dogist” is renowned in New York City where he captures the essence of dogs he randomly photographs in […]

Dog Talk #351 (12/14/2013)

Dog Talk #351 (12/14/2013): Three wonderful holiday feel-good photo books: Rebecca Ascher-Walsh with DEVOTED, David Tabatsky with BEAUTIFUL OLD DOGS and Lisa Rogak with ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY; Tracie answers listeners questions about dry food: is it all “kitty crack,” even kibble for dogs? (Hint: No! Big dogs like Tracie has need a super premium […]