Her Heart Dog Novel

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (02-21-2021) #715: Featuring Pam Houston, Mike Gould, and Stacy LeBaron. Pamela Houston reads from her “auto-fiction” novel Sighthound, about an Irish Wolfhound who was her magnificent “heart dog” in real life; Mike Gould was a founding member of the NYC Police Department K-9 unit and went from there to create […]

My 3rd “Generation” of Weimaraners Are eating The Honest Kitchen

My 3rd “Generation” of Weimaraners Are eating The Honest Kitchen    I often say I’ve been feeding The Honest Kitchen to my dogs as part of their daily meals since the company began in Lucy Postins’ own kitchen in San Diego, but I really had no concept of how long ago that was. But then I […]

Red Rover Aids During Natural Disasters

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (05-26-2018) #572: Featuring Laura Moss, Dr. Gal Vatash, and Nicole Forsyth. Cat enthusiast Laura Moss has fantastic ideas about all the things you can do inside and outside your home to enrich your kitty cat’s life in her book ADVENTURE CATS: LIVING NINE LIVES TO THE FULLEST; Dr. Gal Vatash […]

League of Humane Voters

Humane Talk (10-16-2017) #8058: Bill Sacrey on Long Island discusses the League of Humane Voters, and how concerns on behalf of animals can impact politicians and legislation. MP3 Audio [9 MB]DownloadShow URL

I Had a Dream – The Dog Film Festival – And It’s Coming True!

I Had a Dream – The Dog Film Festival – And It’s Coming True! How often do you have a dream — and then it comes true because other people have been dreaming it, too?!  The Dog Film Festival is my first experience of what it feels like to “imagine it and they will come” — and […]

Dog Talk #328 Tracie Hotchner (07-05-2013)

Dog Talk Show #328: Victoria Stillwell (Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog) talks about branching out to work with law enforcement to understand the causes of severe aggression in dogs, while her new book “Train Your Dog Positively” tells dog owners how to solve easier behavior problems; Melissa Gillespie (Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, […]