How Smart is Your Mutt?

How Smart is Your Mutt? Brandon McMillan, star of the television show Lucky Dog, and author of the book Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days, recently contributed to an article about the smartest top 10 breeds of dogs. But have you ever wondered whether mutts are smarter than purebred dogs? Though the […]

3 Wonderful Books for the Holidays

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (12-10-2016) #502: Three wonderful books for the holidays! TV star Brandon McMillan talks about his quick training tips in his book LUCKY DOG;  Alex Kava’s newest K-9 adventure RECKLESS GREED takes you into the world of tracking; Diane Les Becquets’ book BREAKING WILD throws you into wilderness survival. MP3 Audio […]

Dog Talk #406 (01-31-2015)

Dog Talk (01-31-2015) #406: Director John Harden talks about his highly original film “La Vie D’Un Chien” which will be shown at the Dog Film Festival and imagines a potion that allows people to become dogs and fall in love; Lucky Dog is the memoir of Dr. Sarah Boston, a surgeon who specializes in oncology […]