Worried About a Positive Test for Lyme Disease?

Worried About a Positive Test for Lyme Disease? Hang on!  Wait! Just because your dog tests positive for Lyme disease in the vet’s office does NOT mean you need to treat with antibiotics! My sister and two friends of mine recently took their dogs to their vets for an annual exam. All the dogs seemed […]

Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

Dog Talk (05-02-2015) #419: “Everything you need to know about Lyme disease and might have to educate your own vet about.” Dr. Donna Spector, Tracie’s co-host on the Radio Pet Lady network show THE EXPERT VET brings everyone up to date on the when/why/how of Lyme disease; Dr. Melissa Beall DVM PhD was one of […]

All About Lyme Disease

The Expert Vet (04-28-2015) #5037: LYME DISEASE — The first step is topical protection like Vectra 3D, then check for ticks after every walk. Get a urine sample looking for protein if you get a Lyme-positive test — and a quantitative blood test to determine whether the level is high but do not simply (mis)use […]