Good Dogs! #6033 (12-08-2014)

Good Dogs! (12-08-2014) #6033: Marcy from Avidog talks about “heart dogs” and how each of the Avidog Golden Retriever breeder/trainers has had their own once-in-a-lifetime very special dog: Lise with Goose, Gayle with Corey and Marcy herself with Taylor. Marcy explains what dogs teach us and how her dogs have taught her to be in […]

Good Dogs! #6015 (5-05-2014)

Good Dogs! (5-05-2014) #6015: Marcy on trick training and how to “capture an offered behavior”; Grant from Riley’s Organics dog treats talks about a childhood dog and the farm he grew up on that inspired his 100% USDA organic treats. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL