Kylie Logan Discusses The Secret of Bones

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (05-30-2020) #677: Featuring Kylie Logan, Mary Peng, and Madeleine Traver. Kylie Logan’s second book in her canine-centric mystery series is THE SECRETS OF BONES (the first book in the series, THE SCENT OF MURDER has just come out in paperback); Mary Peng speaks from Beijing, where she founded and runs […]

Providing Play Time for Shelter Dogs

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (09-02-2017) #540: Aimee Sadler founded Dogs Playing for Life, which visits shelters around the country to teach staff and volunteers how to get dogs out into play groups to improve their quality of life and make them more adoptable, too — their motto being “Every Dog Every Day” gets play […]

Why Counterfeits Thrive In China

Tails From China (08-31-2015) #4115: News of counterfeit Orijen pet food circulating in China has been announced by the Canadian pet food manufacturer of the super-premium brand. Mary Peng, from the International Center for Veterinary Services, explains the rigorous years-long process required for any cosmetic or food to be legally sold in the Peoples Republic […]

Red Carpet Treatment for Visiting Vets

Tails From China (08-10-2015) #4114: Want to have the professional adventure of a lifetime? The International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing has a non-profit Veterinary Learning Exchange Program offering veterinarians (retired or in practice), vet techs and vet students a chance to live in Beijing for any length of time (housing will be arranged […]

Rescued Mastiffs Need Homes

Tails From China (05-25-2015) #4112: 8 Tibetan Mastiffs rescued from meat trade trucks are looking for homes in US or Sweden, where devoted Beijing-based Swedish rescuer Camilla has taken them under her wing. The U.S. media has recently reported how these enormous guard dogs once fetched prices of 1 million dollars back in 2011 when […]

Questionable Choices for Exotic Pets

Tails From China (03-23-2015) #4110: The passion for pet ownership is so high in China that people go to the pet market and bring home every sort of creature, without realizing that “exotic pets” like alligators and wild squirrels may not be the best choice! MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Tails From China #4109 (02-16-2015): Paradoxes of pets and China’s One Child Policy

Tails From China (02-16-2015) #4109: Mary Peng discusses the paradoxes of pets and the One Child Policy in China: a desire for a pet as a companion for your child, a passion for pets to fill the empty nest when kids grow up, but also a long social history in the Peoples’ Republic of fearing […]

Tails From China #4108 (01-19-2015)

Tails From China (01-19-2015) #4108: Dr Chris Brown, star of  the “Bondi Vet” television show in New Zealand, speaks to Tracie from a train on his way to Shanghai after his visit to Beijing to help Mary Peng’s team at the International Center for Veterinary Specialty with exotic pets. He explains how tickling your pet […]

Happy New Year from China to Fellow Pet Lovers around the World

Happy New Year from China to Fellow Pet Lovers around the World As we all look forward to a new year and take stock of the one that has passed, I find it amazing that after ten years devoting myself to educating, inspiring and supporting people about their pets, that I still get a thrill […]

Treating Fido Like Family in China

Treating Fido Like Family in China Mary Peng advocates for the welfare of the rapidly growing number of “companion animals” in Chinese cities. [Journalist Debra Bruno writes for the Atlantic and posted this superb article about changing values and practices in China regarding dogs as dinner or family members — and mentions Mary Peng, my […]