Lessons from an Old Dog

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (10-31-2021) #751: Featuring Jenna Blum, Natalia Borrega, and Gabriel Feitosa. Jenna Blum talks about devoting herself to her aging dog in Woodrow on the Bench: Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog and how his “old man” time next to a park bench created a community around them; Dr. Natalia […]

Learning from Lions

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too) (08-29-2021) #742: Featuring Natalia Borrega, Dr. Dana Varble, and Monique Udell. Natalia Borrega, the co-host of Animal IQ on PBS Digital, talks about the show having episodes on dogs and foxes, but the social interactions of lions are her specialty that Natalia has been studying in the field in Botswana […]